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Space Available

Frustrated by the linear production model of ‘take, make, waste’, husband and wife team Daniel Mitchell and Hilda Sembiring, founded Space Available in a moment of global disruption, the brand name itself a reflection of the vacuum created for new commercial offerings. The Balinese platform works with a collective of designers, artists, scientists and environmentalists to produce limited-edition clothing and homeware from locally sourced upcycled materials, essentially transforming household waste into one-of-a-kind products for daily life. The challenges of creating a consistent material from a range of non-uniform trash, produced the brands signature marbled finish. Since launching in 2020, the striking pattern has graced coasters, a turntable case and The Peggy Chair, made in collaboration with Peggy Gou from 20kg of plastic waste. This season, the circular design studio offers its SIGNATURE incense holders in a range of colourways and continues to promote environmental activism by teaming up with Alex Olson to create ‘Trash For Trees’, a capsule of braided outdoor gear and protest slogan emblazoned tees in support of reforestation and endangered orangutans.

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