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Transparent Sound

Transparent Sound was founded by four friends, originally named People People, with an ambition to show an alternative to all the complicated tech products on the market. Over the years the four have become two, Per Brickstad and Martin Willers. Although the founding team has changed, the driving force for the brand stays consistent. Driven by a curiosity, a desire and a will to question what tech product mean and bring to people’s life, with the intention to create emotion with their products. The name “Transparent” stands not only for the charismatic and unique design but also means a questioning of the industry within which they operate, and an attempt for a more open, honest and sustainable business. Their designs are inspired by Scandinavian functionalism, contemporary approaches, innovative materials and interesting textures and details. ”We always strive to investigate to what extent an advanced tech item also can be a beautiful design object. There is something truly exciting inletting components transform into new formats, where the products are modular and to some extent also circular: a refining process where always aim to create even better and more unique products, that do not destroy they world. We like the idea of things getting better with time,” says Per, Head of Design at Transparent Sound.

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