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In Focus: By Far

In Focus: By Far

Since its inception in 2016, BY FAR has always been more than a playful designer accessories brand that continually reinvents timeless silhouettes. Crafting More than sense-seducing, power accessories that respond to the complexities of modern life, BY FAR is a growing family, an evolving community, and developing soft-power movement. From being collectively established by sisters Valentina Ignatova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova after the discovery of a small, family-run leather factory in their native Bulgaria to its acronym name built from the initial of their sons and its devoted in-the-know followers, BY FAR is made with love and focussed on spreading love.

Each BY FAR collection is a balance between sex appeal and modesty, simplicity and expression, nostalgia and innovation, alongside its ultimate duality dance between fantasy and reality. While the latest collection takes inspiration from Hollywood glamour, LN-CC enlisted London-based filmmaker Selasi Ayettey to document our community of BY FAR fans as they elevated their everyday with their favourite accessories. “Chic, chic, chic” are the three words model and Royal College of Art masters student Georgie Hobday uses to describe BY FAR. As Selasi’s lens discovers what Georgie, Chi, Monica, Mina and Bee keep inside their favourite bags, LN-CC shoots stunning still lifes and chats to BY FAR’s chief marketing officer and co-founder Valentina Ignatova.

In Focus: By Far

Firstly… How are you, where are you and what have our questions interrupted you from?
I’m at my desk in our London office. We have a very important launch coming up, and the whole team is working hard to make this dream come true.

Since its inception in 2016, BY FAR has focussed on providing sense-seducing, power accessories that provide solutions to the complexities of modern life and garnered a devout following as a result. What would you say is the strongest BY FAR truth?
BY FAR blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

In Focus: By Far

In previous interviews, you’ve described how “everything and anything can be an inspiration” but essentially each collection is a balance between sex appeal and modesty, simplicity and expression, nostalgia and innovation. What were some of the inspirations that informed this collection?
While working on this collection, we were preparing to open our first flagship store in LA. So, LA and the California culture influenced many of our creative decisions in recent months. Western references, old Hollywood glamour and LA's pared-back femininity are all present in the collection.

In a broader sense, what do you think makes a BY FAR girl?
is an extension of their identity—a person who is not enslaved by fashion but uses it to express themselves.

In Focus: By Far

The editorial features the amazing Chi Virgo, Monica Armario, Mina Galan, Georgie Hobday, Bee Beardsworth. What qualities do each of these creative talents possess that makes them BY FAR?
Each one of them has a bit of a story to tell. They are colourful souls who never fail to inspire.

What is the first thing you pack inside a new bag?
My perfume.

What, if anything, is the most surprising item in your bag?
An old Mariah Carey CD. I found it in my parents’ house recently and kept it as a memory from my childhood.

In Focus: By Far

Beyond product, what do you hope readers take away from this editorial??
We want to build products people can connect with and a vision they want to be a part of. We want our products to support people in finding themselves and what will work with their spirit.

What excites you most about BY FAR's tomorrow?
September 15th. This is all I can tell.

Video Selasi Ayettey,@SelasiHD
Cast Chi Virgo, @chivirgo. Monica Armario, @monicaarmario. Mina Galan, @mina_galan. Georgie Hobday, @georgiehobday. Bee Beardsworth, @beebeardsworth.

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